Company Profile

K.U.T. DIESELS (PTE) LTD established in Singapore in 1976 initially started as a transit and distribution base for two of its counterparts in Jakarta, Indonesia, viz P.T. Kertaguna Utama Tehnik (from which the name K.U.T. derives), and C.V. Gemah Ripah, which at that time were the sole agent / distributor in Indonesia for Cummins Diesel Engines and Bosch range of electrical products respectively, besides numerous established technical and engineering products.

Being based in Singapore, K.U.T. has geographically advantage in complementing the service of its Indonesian counterparts in Jakarta in supplies to Customers with operations in the far-flung territories of Indonesia, like Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya, besides those customer having operations in such areas but with their administrative or purchasing office in Singapore


Our mission is to serve owners and operators of all diesel engines and diesel powered equipment in supply and maintenances of their expensive investment, to ensure early replacement and least possible downtime in whatever operation they are involved with, and wherever their equipment may be.

Market Scope

In the beginning, K.U.T. served mainly customers in Indonesia. However since our inception in Singapore in 1976 our extraordinary service commitment to customers which is our hallmark has projected us to become a leading suppliers not only in Indonesia, but regionally to Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and as far away as Togo in Africa to our west, and Western Samoa to our East.

Our Customers comes from all sectors of the market via:

  • Marine
  • Shipyard
  • Power Generation
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Road Development
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Port Operations
  • Civil aviation-Ground Support Equipment
  • Transport
  • Factories
  • Onshore Logistic Support


Product Range


Over the years since its incorporation, K.U.T. have broaden its product range in supplying not only Cummins Engines and Spare Parts and Bosch range of electrical products, but have become ● Stockist ● Importer ● Exporter ● Distributor ● Supplier for a wide and varied range and brand of Diesel Engines and Diesel Power Equipment, with strong emphasis on Spare Parts Supplies / Support which constitute a large parts of our business.

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